Amusement Park Historical Association of Niagara

Niagaras Lost Amusement Parks

The Amusement Park Historical Association of Niagara (APHAN) was started to help preserve the vast history that Amusement Parks have had in Niagara. Some parks, like Crystal Beach, are still fresh in our memories, having closed at the end of the 1989 season, after 101 yrs in business. Other parks, like Frontier Amusement Park in Niagara Falls, are harder to find information on. APHAN is still in the early stages of developement, but we are looking for people intersted in this unique form of historic preservation.

It is hoped that in the time, APHAN will be able to have a small museum, to display artefacts from Niagaras Amusement past. At this time, membership in APHAN is set at $10.00/person per year. This fee will go towards maintaining the website. There will also be a quarterly newsletter, which will include photos, stories, and articles, about the various parks