Skylon Tower Indoor Amusement Park

For a more indepth story on the Skylon Tower Indoor Amusement Park, and to avoid too much duplication, please go to Skylon Tower.

Here is a list of some of the rides at the park at closing:

  • Boat Ride (Herschell/Ward)
  • Bumper Cars
  • Lady Bug Ride
  • Turtles (Smaller version of a Tumble Bug)
  • Carousel (1956) (Herschell) 3-Row, 40-Horse
  • Ferris Wheel (12) (Eli)
  • Tilt-A-Whirl (Sellner)
  • Rocket Ride
  • Helicopters

This article appeared in the Niagara Falls Review, and talked about the new carousel coming to the park.
(Niagara Falls Ontario Library)

Taken from the Skylon brochure, this photo shows a family on the carousel, which was originally at Erie Beach (see article above).(Niagara Falls Ontario Library)

This article on the Skylon Amusement Park shows an arial view of some of the attractions.(Niagara Falls Ontario Library collection)

The following photos were taken from a Skylon brochure advertising kids birthday parties at the Skylon Amusement area.

The Skylon at an Eli Bridge Ferris Wheel, known as Big Blue. Most people who rode it would tell you that it was quite possibly one of the most terrifying Wheels they had been on, as it seemed to run far faster than it was designed for. It probably didn't, but is sure seemed like it did. Also visible in this photo is the carousel to the right, and a train ride to the left of the wheel.(Niagara Falls Ontario Library)

The Skylon brochure didn't seem to show much more than the carousel as shown in this photo.(Niagara Falls Ontario Library)

A final shot of the carousel from the Skylon brochure.(Niagara Falls Ontario Library)